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Day 61 (Week 9, Day 5) - Thursday 2nd March 2017

Day 61 (Week 9, Day 5) - Thursday 2nd March 2017

We're back onto the stories for the Picture Book Challenge tonight! Always great to get reading again after we couldn't the previous evening. Three more books to add to our total after tonight's reading, making our way ever closer to our 1000 book goal by the end of 2017!

1) The Yes - Sarah Bee (Author) & Satoshi Kitamura (Illustrator)

If you want a positive and inspiring book that tells children they can succeed despite the naysayers, then this is a good option! It follow the Yes as he is surrounded on all side by swarms of Nos, who try to dissuade him from making his journey, but he is much bigger than they are and properly formed, and he reaches his goal despite their best efforts.

It's easy for children (or anyone else for that matter) to allow the Nos to discourage them, so it's good to show them that they can listen to the yes inside to help succeed in their goals. I do feel that I had to add a proviso when talking to the kids that this only applies to them trying to do sensible things, and not ignoring me when I tell them not to do dangerous stuff!

Chris says: You're always going to get a thumbs up from me if it's a book that tells children they dont' need to listen to the Nos, and they can say yes to doing anything they believe in! Especially one that's as creatively enchanting as this!

Josh says: I like how he always said 'yes'.

Xander says: He said yes! Yes sir!

2) Always There Bear - Trudi Granger (Author) & Gareth Llewhellin (Illustrator)

Our kids to love a good snuggle with a teddy in bed sometimes, and though they've never had one that they need to take everywhere with them, that doesn't stop this story feeling very heartwarming and true - every child does indeed need something for every occasion that makes them feel safe and happy, whether that's a teddy, a toy, a hand to hold, or just a fond memory of happy times in that place.

Josh turned to me and smiled a huge smile when we finished this, which should speak volumes as to what he thought of it! I really liked the way the illustrations were drawn (I want to say in pastel?), with a semi-vintage feel that made me think of fond childhood memories. Great too for talking to your kids about where they would take their teddy on an adventure!

Chris says: What a lovely way to celebrate the memories of those things that bring us most comfort! I have memories of plenty of cuddly toys from childhood that used to comfort me on all sorts of occasions, and I know that my children get the same comfort from plenty of theirs too, so it's a great opportunity to talk to them about their favourites.

Josh says: I like talking about the things that comfort me.

Xander says: Bears!

3) Pyjama Day! - Robert Munsch (Author) & Michael Martchenko (Illustrator)

If only there were real-life 'Perfect Pyjamas' that mean people went to sleep indefinitely whilst wearing them! No more stressful attempts to get children to sleep - well, except for the part where you'd have to get them into the pyjamas of course!

Josh laughed a lot during this story, particularly with the bizarre repetition of tasting pyjamas which he found hilarious. He thought it great fun that the boy fell asleep at school, and funnier still that the principal ended up wearing the pyjamas and then doing the same. It's got fun and colourful illustrations well-suited to its story, though I hope Josh doesn't attempt to hold a pyjama party and fall asleep at school!

Chris says: I wouldn't know what to do had any of my teachers fallen asleep at school! My uncle's piano teacher feel asleep during a lesson once - he wasn't sure what to do, so he just played the piece again. Don't think she was wearing any special pyjamas though! It's a great idea to make kids smile though!

Josh says: I liked them playing the trumpet and not waking up the principal.

Xander says: I like playing trumpets!

So,to summarise Day 61...

We've had fun today refusing to say no when the going gets difficult, looking back at the toys that bring us most comfort, and the fun we'd have if our teachers fell asleep at school (if we didn't first!). Another three lovely stories to keep us entertained for an evening as we work towards our goal of 1000 books in 2017 for the Picture Book Challenge!

Books Read: 127/1000 (12.7%)

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