Sunday, 12 February 2017

Day 34 (Week 5, Day 6)

Day 34 (Week 5, Day 6)

I'm filling this in wayyyyyy after the day itself, because I had the worst stomach bug that I've had in years (since the last time I had Norovirus), and spent about 12 hours throwing up. I had to miss this evening's pantomime performance too, which was gutting, so needless to say we didn't get any stories read today!

In fact, though I'll make a blog post for each day, we didn't manage to get any more stories read until Day 38 because I was either doing two pantomime performances (Day 35) or suffering from the stomach bug still and not in work because of it (Day 36/37). That's some significant setbacks in reaching our target (though we're still well on course), so we're definitely going to have to start reading more than three books per day for some of the next few weeks!

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